A bronze medal for the Grand Duchy!

Since 2012 the Foundation Jeunes Scientifiques Luxembourg (FJSL), with the precious support of the Foundation Nicolas and Jean-Paul Lanners, has been sending a laureate of the national Contest “Jonk Fuerscher” to CASTIC, Asia’s largest scientific contest. 

This year Krzesimir Hyżyk (13), student of the European School of Luxembourg I, won this prestigious award and was the youngest contestant at the 34thedition of the CASTIC (Macao) with his project combining computer science and mobility: “Safe Trip Home From School”.

Based on traffic simulations conducted on his daily commute, Krzesimir was able to identify, how the installation of additional traffic lights would improve the safety for pedestrians on two specific junctions.

His project – inspired by his everyday life – convinced the jury of CASTIC to honour Krzesimir with a well-earned bronze medal!

A long history of friendship between CAST and the FJSL 

Since the official accord of 2018, the Expo-Sciences Luxembourg has become an official award of the CASTIC. This year, it was awarded to a young Chinese scientist by the FJSL in China.

CASTIC – China Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation Contest:
CASTIC is organised with the help of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), the Ministry of Education and other important governmental organisations. CASTIC is designed for young students aged between 12 and 20 who are interested in science. It brings together about 500 young scientists from China and nearly 100 international contestants from over 20 countries. 

Foundation Nicolas et Jean-Paul Lanners:
The main goal of the Foundation Lanners is to promote the issuing of study and research grants in the field of human and natural sciences, physics and mathematics, as well as granting help and assistance in the field of social relations. Furthermore, it seeks to provide material support for all initiatives aimed to improve social communication with foreigners and their integration in the Luxembourgish society. 


Krzesimir Hyżyk at CASTIC 2019 in Macao 2 copyright FJSL.jpg