On Thursday 15 November 2018, prof. Michel Goedert, - program leader at the medical research council, laboratory of molecular biology at Cambridge and a former jonk Fuerscher -, spoke at a conference organised by the University of Luxembourg and the Bridge Forum Dialogue (a.s.b.l.) on the topic of neurodegenerative diseases.

Prof. Goedert, who was earlier this year awarded the prestigious Brain Prize for his outstanding research in neuroscience, is not only a renowned scientist but was also one of the very first participants of the “Jonk Fuerscher” national contest in the early 1970s, entering the competition twice with two vastly different projects: "Plusieurs effets de la pollution atmospherique” and “De la causalité des Tumeurs Crown-Gall”.

It appears his passion for science and research hasn’t left him since and we hope that his life story will be an inspiration for many young scientists today and in the future.

Link to the Conference