Photos Concours national "Jonk Fuerscher" & Expo-Sciences 2019

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First of all, a big thank you to all of you who made our event an amazing and unforgettable experience! I really hope that we will see you again next year, be it as a participant, a volunteer, a supporter or a guest :)
Until then, enjoy some of the wonderful moments that were captured by our house-photographer, Jarno Lambotte:


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Remarkable feat of Luxembourgish Team in Taiwan


Remarkable feat of Luxembourgish Team in Taiwan

The 17thedition of the international contest TISF (Taiwan International Science Fair) took place between January 24thuntil February 2nd2019in Taipei (Taiwan). 
This is the first time that Luxembourg was represented amongst the 23 participating countries, all thanks to Fondation Jeunes Scientifiques Luxembourg and their sponsor, Paul Wurth S.A
Alex Muller, Maverick Schmit and Valentin Ringletparticipated last March in the National Contest “Jonk Fuerscher” that is being organised every year by the Foundation, and qualified with their remarkable project “A Modular Construction 3D Printer” for the TISF Contest. 
The selected projectis a particular3D printer that can be used to print objects out of concrete! This concept was developed to improve the construction industry by being able to print entire buildings out of concrete, thus reducing the overall costs. The team has been working on their printer for over 5 years now, while researching the range of materials for the most optimal results. 
The three young men impressed the Taiwanese judges when defending their project and got thus second place in engineering! 
This was not the first time that the dynamic team tried their skills in a competition. Already in 2017 they participated in the National Competition “Jonk Fuerscher” and qualified for a place at the Brazilian contest MOSTRATEC, where they left a strong impression and got awarded the mention of “Outstanding project”.
The arrival of our young scientists in Taipei didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, they had the great honour to be invited by Mrs Tania Berchem(Executive Director of the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office in Taipei) who wished them all the best for the upcoming Contest. Mrs Berchem further showed her support for the Luxembourgish team by visiting them directly at their booth on Friday, 31stJanuary, accompanied by M Rene Stoltz,Managing Director Asia of Paul Wurth International S.A
While the Fondation Jeunes Scientifiques continues to grow their partnerships on an international level, a new agreement has been concluded between the organisers of the TISF and the FJSL, making the Expo-Sciences Luxembourg an official award for a Taiwanese young scientist/team from 2020 onwards. 

TISF – Taiwan International Science Fair:

Taiwan International Science Fair (TISF) is a science research competition for high school students from grades nine through twelve. With the mission of identifying and nurturing talented young scientists, TISF brings together around 250 domestic finalists and 40 overseas students from 20 nations to compete for awards.

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Understanding neurodegenerative deseases: Prof. Michel Goedert

On Thursday 15 November 2018, prof. Michel Goedert, - program leader at the medical research council, laboratory of molecular biology at Cambridge and a former jonk Fuerscher -, spoke at a conference organised by the University of Luxembourg and the Bridge Forum Dialogue (a.s.b.l.) on the topic of neurodegenerative diseases.

Prof. Goedert, who was earlier this year awarded the prestigious Brain Prize for his outstanding research in neuroscience, is not only a renowned scientist but was also one of the very first participants of the “Jonk Fuerscher” national contest in the early 1970s, entering the competition twice with two vastly different projects: "Plusieurs effets de la pollution atmospherique” and “De la causalité des Tumeurs Crown-Gall”.

It appears his passion for science and research hasn’t left him since and we hope that his life story will be an inspiration for many young scientists today and in the future.

Link to the Conference


Soirée scientifique à Cercle Münster

Sous l’égide de la Fondation Jeunes Scientifiques Luxembourg et avec le soutien de CapitalatWork, une soirée scientifique sera organisée le 05 Novembre à 19h à Cercle Münster. 
Noémie Ney et Jean-Marc Furlano(élèves du Atert-Lycée Redange) – deux jeunes scientifiques et gagnants du prix Intel ISEF (USA) – vont évoquer leur expérience du concours national “Jonk Fuerscher”ainsi qu’à Intel ISEF. Ils se feront également un plaisir de présenter leur projet Der Einfluss von Zitonensäure auf das Wachstum von Bakterienavec lequel ils ont participé.

Cette soirée se déroulera en présence du Prof. Dr. Claude P. Müllerqui nous partagera ses réfléxions autour du rôle important du Luxembourg auprès le WHO (World Health Organisation): From Luxembourg who? To Luxembourg WHO!

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ING Solidarity Awards

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Cérémonie de remise du prix « Taïwan International Science Fair » 26.10.2018 (19.00 hrs)

Sous l’égide de la Fondation Jeunes Scientifiques Luxembourg et avec le soutien de Paul Wurth S.A., le prix du « Taïwan International Science Fair » sera décerné ce vendredi, le 26 octobre 2018 au projet « Modular concrete 3D printer » de Alex Muller, Valentin Ringlet et Maverick Schmit du Lycée Aline Mayrisch, récidivistes au concours national Jonk Fuerscher qui ont conçus et réalisés une imprimante 3D particulière, car elle imprimera des édifices entiers en béton ! 

Leur projet multidisciplinaire s’était déjà qualifié pour la MOSTRATEC 2017 et à l’EUCYS 2018.

La cérémonie se déroulera au Cercle Munster à 19.00 hrs, en présence de Monsieur Mantovani Gianaldo, Directeur du Space Programs à Luxspace, qui nous mènera à travers une conférence ouverte au public, avec au cœur de ses réfléxions « What is left for next generations to discover ? ». 

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La Fondation Jeunes Scientifiques Luxembourg se réjouit que Monsieur Ben THUY, un de ses anciens lauréats jeunes scientifiques, paléontologue au Musée national d'Histoire naturelle à Luxembourg, ait reçu lors d'une belle cérémonie, le 19 octobre 2018, de la part du Fonds national de la Recherche un prix dans la catégorie "Outstanding Scientific Publication". 

L'attribution a été motivée par la considération que ses recherches ont remis en question un paradigme antérieur concernant l'extinction d'un groupe important d'animaux. Ayant examiné le problème globalement et dans un vaste éventail d'environnements, les données que Ben THUY a présentées sont partant beaucoup plus robustes que dans les études publiées par d'autres chercheurs.

Sincères félicitations !

Luxembourg, October 22nd 2018