The Expo-Sciences Luxembourg is an international, non-competitive science fair that welcomes young laureates from all over the world. Young scientists get the possibility to present their scientific projects alongside our national participants.

The Expo furthers international relationships, the exchange of ideas and cultures and is an excellent opportunity to visit and learn more about Luxembourg. 

11th edition of the Expo-Sciences Luxembourg - from 26th to 30th March 2020

1. How to participate

Everybody is welcome at our Expo-Sciences, in accordance to the places provided. 

Please read the short list of the most essential rules below and the in-depth regulations before applying to the Expo:

1.1 Delegations:

  • The participants have to be between 11- 21 years old

  • They have to be a laureate/have participated in a national contest in their country of origin

  • A delegation should consist of max. 3 participants and max. 1 adult-in-charge and 2 if the group is mixed (boys & girls).
    Exception: Mobisciences (max. 4 participants and max. 1 adult-in-charge)

  • Each delegation may consist of more than one project as long as the total number of participants doesn’t exceed 3 and the number of adults-in-charge doesn’t exceed 2

  • If a delegation wishes to bring more than the indicated maximum of people, extra fees apply! However, the supplementary number of people shouldn’t extend 4 (max. 3 participants and max. 1 supervisor)!

1.2 Fees:

  • Registration fee (standard rate) per laureate is 50,-€;

  • Registration fee (standard rate) per supervisor is 90,-€.

Supplementary fees:

  • Registration fee for every extra group of laureates (max. 3 people) is 250,-€;

  • Registration fee for every extra supervisor (adult or student helper) is 250, -€.


1.3 Registration: 

Step one: Fill out and send us the preliminary registration, indicating that you are interested in participating in our Expo-Sciences.

NOTE: If you haven’t sent us the preliminary registration before the fixed deadline, your application will be refused automatically.

Step two: We will consider your application and if it is accepted, send you a letter of confirmation, which you will have to sign and send back to us.

Step three: After you have sent us a signed confirmation letter, you will receive an invoice for your participation fees, which you will have to pay before the final registration to the Expo.

NOTE: Those who have received an official invitation letter from us, are exempt from the registration fees, and can ignore this step.

Step four: As the last step of the process, you will receive the final registration form which you will have to fill out and send back to us before the indicated deadline.

NOTE: You can get an extension to the deadline if you have informed us about the delay during the preliminary registration.

1.4. Deadlines:

  1. Preliminary registration: From September 16th, 2019 until November 29th, 2019

  2. Confirmation/refusal letter: After having received the preliminary registration

  3. Payment: After having received the signed confirmation letter

  4. Registration: From December 2nd, 2019 until February 14th, 2020

  5. Expo-Sciences: March 26th (day of arrival) until March 30th (day of departure), 2020

2. Welcome Booklet


3. Accommodation and Transfer

3.1 Accommodations

Participants and supervisors will be staying at the Youth Hostels situated in Luxembourg city which is within walking distance to the city centre with shopping possibilities, museums and restaurants.
Adults will be staying in rooms of two and participants in rooms of up to 4.

NOTE: If you wish to stay in a different accommodation as proposed by us, you are welcome to do so. However, you will have to take care of the booking and the costs yourself. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

3.2 Transfer

The transfer from and to the airport is being handled by the members of the Foundation and our volunteers. Please, make sure that you indicate your arrival and departure times as soon as possible, so that we can arrange your pick-up and drop-off in advance.

Transfer from and to the event venue/cultural program is made by bus, which operates on a fixed time-schedule. To prevent delays and other inconveniences, make sure that you are ready 5 minutes ahead of the prescribed schedule. Thank you!

4. General Information

4.1 Displays


We provide two types of boards:
- 2m x 1m (hight x width)
- 1,22m x 1,74m (hight x width)

Every project will have either two 2x1 boards or one 1,22x1,74 board to their disposal. Please, do not bring posters that are bigger than DinA0 (841mm x 1189mm).

NOTE: It is advised to bring a max. of 2 DinA0 posters or an equivalent of it in smaller posters!

4.2 Tables

The size of our tables is 80cm x 80cm.
Every project will have 2 tables according to their needs.

4.3 Water/Electricity/Internet

Please, let us know in advance whether you will be needing water, electricity or internet at your booth.

Internet will be provided in form of password protected Wi-Fi that will work on a maximum of two electronic devices per person and may thus not be very stable.

The Europlug is a flat, two-pole, round-pin domestic AC power plug, rated for voltages up to 250 V and currents up to 2.5 A (picture below). Make sure that you bring an adapter with you, if you are using a different type.


5. Booths

Program of the Expo-Sciences 2019

6. Participants 2019













South Africa





7. Venue

Forum Campus Geesseknäppchen
40, bd. Pierre Dupong
L-1430 Luxembourg

Bus line: 15 (HAMM, rue de Bitbourg - MERL, Celtes)
Bus stop venue: Poincaré (from there it is a 5 min. walk to the venue)
Bus stop city: Monterey Quai 1
Cadence: every 15 minutes