The Expo-Sciences Luxembourg is an international science fair that welcomes young laureates from all over the world. Young scientists get the possibility to present their scientific projects alongside our national participants. 

The Expo furthers international relationships, the exchange of ideas and cultures and is an excellent opportunity to visit and learn more about Luxembourg. 

10th edition of the Expo-Sciences Luxembourg

22nd-25th Mars 2019

How to participate

Everybody is welcome at our Expo-Sciences, which is why we would like to keep the rules and conditions to a minimum. 

Please read this list of the most essential rules before applying to the Expo:



  • The participants have to be between 11- 21 years old
  • They have to be a laureate/have participated in a national contest in their country of origin the same year as the Expo-Sciences Luxembourg
  • A delegation should consist of max. 3 participants and max. 2 adults-in-charge (EXCEPTION for ERASMUS+ program members)
  • Each country may send one delegation (EXCEPTION for countries with a personal invitation)
  • Each delegation may consist of more than one project as long as the total number of participants doesn’t exceed 3 and the number of adults-in-charge doesn’t exceed 2


  • There are no registration fees for delegations that remain within the number limit stated above (max. 3 participants + max. 2 adults-in-charge)
  • FJSL will cover accommodation (3 nights), hotel breakfast and lunch packets, transportation from and to the airport as well as event activities
  • Each delegation is responsible for their own transportation to and from Luxembourg
  • Extra fees apply if: 

a. The total number of people in a delegation exceeds the maximum of 5

b. A country without a personal invitation wishes to apply for an extra delegation/project

c. A delegation doesn’t cancel their participation before the announced deadline 

You will find further in-detail information in our list of regulations.  Please note that by applying to the Expo-Sciences you are agreeing to our regulations.




The application process for our Expo-Sciences is done in two easy steps. First you will have to fill out the preliminary registration sheet, which will be automatically sent to us.

After we have received and considered your application, you will get a confirmation e-mail with further instructions and documents, which you will have to send back to us within the given deadline.*



*Note: all deadlines will be announced on the top of the page, so please check back here regularly. After your preliminary registration and confirmation, you will be receiving regular reminders from us, so make sure that our e-mail address is whitelisted on your servers. 


Forum Campus Geesseknäppchen
40, bd. Pierre Dupong
L-1430 Luxembourg

Bus line: 15 (HAMM, rue de Bitbourg - MERL, Celtes)
Bus stop venue: Poincaré (from there it is a 5 min. walk to the venue)
Bus stop city: Monterey Quai 1
Cadence: every 15 minutes